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Book Mediation eliminates the phone tag, inefficiency and wasted staff time that comes with the typical scheduling of a mediation. Turn days of back and forth into seconds of searching and clicking to conveniently select and confirm a mediator in your area at a time that works for everyone.

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Our search criteria allow you to select the best mediator in the right location for your case. Find mediators by locations they serve, fee structure and qualifications. If you are looking for a mediator for a particular time or date, Book Mediation can help you find a mediator that is available in your area.

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We have just the solution to take the headache out of building and marketing your mediation practice, plus provide you with a convenient scheduling tool that minimizes the staff you will need to dedicate to getting your mediations scheduled. Whether you are just starting your mediation practice or have been mediating for decades, your practice can benefit from increased visibility and streamlined booking.


Could you use help streamlining your mediation bookings? Let us save you, your team, and your customers time, stress and money by removing the numerous phone calls and e-mails from the booking process and taking the scheduling process directly from your customer to your calendar!

"I started using Book Mediation when I had been mediating for about a year. I have now been using the site for about two years. My firm (three mediators) only uses Book Mediation to schedule mediation now. Our staff loves it and we are saving a lot of non-billable staff time. It is fast and efficient, which is always good when you have a busy law practice. It takes the guesswork out of "holding" dates on your calendar while waiting for customers to confirm and takes the frustration of having to work on scheduling a mediation for 2-3 weeks before it is actually set with everyone. I honestly don't know why every mediator hasn't moved to online scheduling because the alternative costs everyone a lot of time and money, including the clients that you will eventually help settle their case. Mediation is taxing work--scheduling the mediations shouldn't be."

--Testimonial Attorney, Mediator